Jeram Coconut Sdn. Bhd. under its own brand name “JERAM” and “HOGOMAS was incorporated in 1997. It commenced its commercial production of coconut products such as coconut milk, nata de coco and coffee as well. Four years later, it expanded its operation of Jelly & Pudding products which are packed in ready-to-eat form.

Jeram Coconut Sdn Bhd vision of providing the market with delicious yet affordable, high-quality jelly, pudding and nata de coco has always been at the cornerstone of its success.

This vision has been realized via the company’s conscious determination to always be at the forefront of the latest production techniques, using only the highest quality standards.

Only the best local and important ingredients are used, processed through advanced, fully-automated jelly and pudding- making and packaging machines.

To keep Jeram Coconut Sdn Bhd at par with the best in the world, experts regularly come as consultants to impart the newest techniques and the latest jelly and pudding making technology.

Today, the company enjoys 60% of the market share in Malaysia. Jeram Coconut Sdn. Bhd via its trading division – Aim Delight Sdn. Bhd. operates on its distribution network domestically as well as globally, trading various kinds of foodstuff manufactured by Jeram Coconut Sdn. Bhd. Our major overseas markets consist of: China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Singapore, and Europe.

Semaian Jitra Sdn. Bhd. is our subsidiary company, mainly distributes our Hogomas Brand products throughout Malaysia. It can be found in all the chain of Supermarket, Convenience Shop, Wholesale market & Hypermarket. Our company also conducts production house and for Carrefour & Giant Retail Group(Dairy Farm International).

This wide presence can be credited to a dynamic sales and marketing team that has always endeavored to help realize the owners' vision of making high-quality and best-tasting jelly, pudding and nata de coco products available to millions of consumers at an affordable price.

As a result of this robust and dynamic distribution system, Jeram Coconut is able to ensure that its products are delivered to retail outlets as quickly and as efficiently as possible. All logistical facilities, equipment and handling procedures are so designed as to maintain the high quality of Jeram Coconut Sdn Bhd products until they reach the consumers.

Jeram Coconut Sdn. Bhd has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 and also had the Halal Certificate awarded by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM).